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Thatched Fencing

Cost-efficient Hand Thatched Fencing and Screening in Sydney

Thatched fencing can prove to be one step ahead in solidifying the fencing of your place. These panels will protect your house from water or any residues coming your way. Thatch screening can prove to be very protective in case of your roof as well. But when you want to secure a building, you must make sure it has a good and tight fence. 

You can enjoy complete privacy, protection from water entering the house and achieve a rustic look by appointing the right people for installation. Thatched fence generally has been an art to pull off and is one service most people do not look forward to, despite its advantages. It is about using the right sort of material for the panels. When it comes to brushwood thatch. We have been the leading fencing provider and continue to serve the best of services. Best Brush has been known to take the already good to the next level.


Uses Of Thatched Fencing 

Thatched fencing can be used in a lot of ways. Since it helps maneuver the fencing regarding heavy thunderstorms and rain to destroy your property, you would always want it to protect some of your best spots. It can prove to be a great protective layer for your pool. A Thatched fence generally allows you to have a great height of protection. 

When you use some other fencing, it might not be able to reach a great height. But when you use bamboo and branches of wood, the protective layer can prove to be higher. We have been working with thatched fencing for many years now and are aware of its and bits related to it. You will find the best of qualities at our place and not leave disappointed.

Why Choose Us?

To make a thatched fence, you would need the proper organisation dealing with the job. Best Brush Fencing in Sydney is one such group of people that can make the job look much easier than it truly is. We have been doing this job for several years, and we have been finding a great balance between modern and traditional fencing methods. 

The art of hand thatching comes naturally to our company, and we have their name in some of the most successful organisations at brushwood fencing. To cut those bamboo and branches in shape and design, we have got some of the unique equipment as well.


Best Brush Fencing has been able to cope with the new technologies and use the dying art, i.e., hand thatching. It is a difficult job to pull off, but we have been able to keep our artistic abilities alive. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us as soon as possible if you cannot wait to apply thatched fencing to your place and make it better than it already is. 

We have been working round the clock in Sydney and providing several services regarding fencing. The fences are made up of hardwood Melaleuca. If you want to challenge us with different styles, we can come with that in front of your doorsteps. The idea is to create the best designed thatched fence for you, which can fully satisfy your needs. Other than thatching, we offer you repairs, extensions, reductions in height and length and a lot of other stuff. 

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For the people staying in New South Wales, you can email us at If you want to talk directly on the phone, you can use the contact number +61 42387 1910


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