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Brushwood Fencing Newport

Superior Quality Brushwood Fencing Panels in Newport

The fencing made from brushwood is an Australian hardwood spray quality. It is made in the Melaleuca (Ti Tree) family from an indigenous plant. The brush fence panels are environmentally friendly and eye-catching - suitable for traditional rural environments and modern contemporary courtyards.

The Brushwood fences are made from natural materials and have a high level of salt and are a material that lasts awfully long. It will probably not rot or colour, but if it is permanently wet, it will ruin and ruin. A definite aspect of these fences is their sound absorption quality that makes them suitable for reducing the traffic and noise levels in the general area.


The Primary Advantages of a Brushwood Fence

They have a natural appearance and can be used in a variety of situations.

These fences are extremely durable, lasting far longer than natural, steel, or wooden fences. They may not last if concrete or brick, but they will outlast natural, steel, or wooden fences on many occasions.

Because maintenance-like painting is also not necessary frequently, installing and maintaining is moderately cost effective.

Also, graffiti artists aren't drawn to it because the brushwood isn't a suitable medium for their work.

  • A Little More

Unlike steel, wood, concrete, or brick fences, brushwood fences do not attract or retain high levels of heat. Your plants will not crumble because of this. If you have a well-established garden and decide to install a different type of fence, the heat from the fence is highly likely to harm the plants in the future.

Because it's not a regular event to construct or repair a Brushwood fence – we at Best Brush Fencing are there to help you.

  • Why Should You Make Us Your First Choice?

Best Brush Fencing is a company that has been in the industry for more than one decade. We grew from the beginning of vanity free to continually expand and improve into the trust worthiest brushwood installer. Best Brush Fencing's team provides you with solutions to your brushwood fence designs and construction needs. We are laid-back and understand that this is an investment in your home, so we maintain open lines of communication throughout the process. Our quality is our distinguishing feature, and we supply our brush fences professionally, regardless of how big or small the job is, on a time-consuming basis. No two fences are alike; we also work hard, and we will develop a design that compliments your estate. Best Brush Fencing has both qualified and authorised professionals to complete and to guarantee professional work. Termites have no effect on our brushwood fencing panels.


Other Services that we offer

Our hardworking and communicative team combines qualified knowledge with years of hands-on experience and cutting-edge design. We have received training in the following areas:

  • Dying art of hand-woven brushwood thatched roofs.

  • Repairs and remodeling existing brushwood fences.

  • Brushwood screening.

  • Pedestrian brushwood gates.

  • Brushwood fences that fit your custom design can be installed around your pool.

  • Best Brush Fencing panels can last for several years and require little to no upkeep.

  • Unwanted materials can be recycled with the help of Best Brush Fencing panels. Except for the garden edges, no preservative treatment is used.

Our Brushwood panels also provide adequate privacy and security. These fences are also very wind resistant. They act as a protective barrier for your plants and have been tested and approved for use in Newport's cyclonic conditions.

We create barrier screening for decks, courtyards, and balconies besides constructing and repairing brushwood fences. We've also received training in prefabricated brushwood panels, which are a step up from traditional hand-thatched fences.


If you have any further questions, please contact Best Brush Fencing in Newport at (+61 4 2387 1910) or by email at


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Northern Beaches, Sydney NSW, Australia

Contact Us: +61 4 2387 1910

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