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Brushwood Fencing Narrabeen

Professional Brushwood Fencing Services in Narrabeen

Noise from the street, as well as traffic noises in general, can be very bothersome. Installing fences, whether steel, wooden, or brick, is a good idea. However, these fences require frequent maintenance, such as painting, and will also detract from your well-kept garden, which you have spent hours nurturing. You'll probably have to worry about local kids spray-painting on your fence as well. However, there is one more type of fence that you may have heard of and should consider trying: brushwood fencing, which is where Best Brush Fencing in Narrabeen comes in to provide you with high-quality brushwood in the Narrabeen suburb.


Some information about Brushwood Fence

Having been made from a natural plant of the Melaleuca (Ti Tree) family, Brushwood Fence is Australia’s one of the finest hardwood brooms. It is climate friendly, and it also receives attention because it is compatible with any kind of property. They tend to live for several years. It is also high in salt, making it a long-lived material. Brushwood does not usually rot or lose colour, but it might only when it is left damped. Furthermore, unlike other fences that will harm your plants, brushwood fences do not attract or retain heat, so your favourite plants will not suffer and die.

Some information about us

Best Brush Fencing is a family-owned business in the Narrabeen suburbs that has been in operation for quite some time. We had started from the ground up, growing because of our excellent service and high-quality product while still learning and improving to become most trusted brushwood fence installers. Our professional team is committed to assisting you with fence design and installation solutions. 

We are friendly and understand that installing a fence is a one-time investment, which is why Best Brush Fencing is here to help you through the process so you can reap the benefits. We always deliver our brush fences on time, no matter how big or small the job is; after all, it is our quality and management that distinguishes us from the competition in Narrabeen. Our skilled team can tackle any difficult task and will undoubtedly create a design that complements your yard.


Services we offer

Our dedicated and communicative team brings together expert knowledge, years of hands-on experience, and cutting-edge design. 

The following areas have been covered in our training:

  • Repairs and remodeling existing brushwood fences.

  • Brushwood screening.

  • Pedestrian brushwood gates.

  • Brushwood fences that fit your custom design can be installed around your pool.

  • Best Brush Fencing panels can last for several decades and require little to no upkeep.

  • Unwanted materials can be recycled with the help of Best Brush Fencing panels. Except for the garden edges, no preservative treatment is used.

  • Dying art of hand-woven brushwood thatched roofs.

In suburbs like Narrabeen, maintaining privacy in the face of nosy neighbours can be a challenge, but fear not, Best Brush Fencing can help you out with our brushwood panels. As a result, a satisfactory level of security is provided. They are also wind resistant, having been approved and tested for use in the cyclonic conditions of Narrabeen. For decks, courtyards, and balconies, we create barrier screenings. We have also been trained on prefabricated brushwood panels, a step up from traditional manually fashioned fences.


If you have any further questions, please contact Best Brush Fencing in Narrabeen at (+61 4 2387 1910) or by email at


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Northern Beaches, Sydney NSW, Australia

Contact Us: +61 4 2387 1910

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